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    What is stupid?

  • God takes care of the truly stupid...
  • There are no stupid questions -- just stupid people...
  • People with nothing better to do than to subscribe to a group about all things stupid:
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  • Microsoft!!!:
    • The company that puts out bad "critical fixes" (e.g. Q823083) that they order you to install, and when the patch breaks you system, they refuse to acknowledge it or mention it, not even mentioning that they fixed the original patch and didn't tell anyone!
    • Microsoft Licensing.
    • Copy protection that doesn't let you backup your distribution software!
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  • People who think Steve Jobs is God and that Apple is pitted against the Evil Empire...:
    • Recall the infamous Newsweek Scully/Jobs feature interview in which they talked about Apple fighting against the Evil Empire and how open and highminded they were...I was rolling on the floor in tears of laughter at this stupid and self serving drivel served up in a national magazine! (If you have an Internet link for this article, please let me know!!!)
    • The infamous Steve Jobs 2 bit (not 4 bit!) monitor, popcorn popper CD-ROM and other "innovations" that doomed NeXT Computing from the start...
    • The overnight financial bloodbath that was perpetrated by Jobs and Apple on the builders of Macintosh compatibles after Apple pledged it would help and allow them in the marketplace...
    • Now with the new merged Mac/UNIX OS - boy it's going to be great fun watching the Mac folks who believe that putting UNIX on Apple hardware will make it intelligible to them - that would take a huge boost in IQ points to start!
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  • The Internet - what else can you say about:
    • empowering a bunch of morons to send chain letter e-mails
    • empowering kids to browse porno, make bombs and run amok "supervised" by a bunch of computer illiterate "parents" and "educators"
    • putting critical government, military, educational and business computers on a public network
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